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Local SEO Services

Want More Traffic And More Clients? Get On Top Of Search Engines And Step Up To Your Next Level Of Performance.

What You Get

  • Higher rankings for your business on Google
  • More consistent and qualified traffic to your website
  • More leads and customers
  • More calls, emails and sales, increased revenue
  • Increased brand visibility and awareness

local seo services

Services included


On Page Optimization

I’ll optimize your website pages to improve their relevance and help Google rank your website higher on the search results pages.


Improved Page Content

I’ll advice you how to structure, improve and enrich your page content, product specs and descriptions for better quality and ranking


Ranking Opportunities

I’ll spot new ranking opportunities for your website and show you how you can profit from these opportunities to get more traffic and customers

Traffic Opportunities

I’ll uncover the traffic opportunities not yet considered, will elaborate and present you the action plan for exploiting these opportunities

Link Building

I’ll elaborate the link-building plan for your website and targeted pages, will implement it and report you the performances achieved

Your Business on Google Maps

I’ll help you set up your business presence on Google Maps thus getting more visibility in local search and attracting local customers

In other words

  • Higher rankings for your business on Google
  • More consistent and qualified traffic to your website
  • More leads and customers
  • More calls, emails and sales, increased revenue
  • Local business visibility and clients

Get A

Local SEO Expert

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Some statistics for you

  • 70% of searchers only check the first 5 results. They are enough options to choose from and check if those providers fulfill their needs 70%
  • 85% of people looking for a product or service go online to research. Search engines are the primary tool to find products and the local or national services they need 85%
  • 90% of browser homepage is a search engine. Whenever anyone is looking to purchase a product or hire a service provider their research begins on search engines 90%

SEO Services

Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Identify Best-suited Keywords for Your Business
  • Identify Best-suited Keywords for Your Market
  • Competitor Keyword Research

On-Page Optimization

  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Page Title & Header Tags Optimization
  • Creation & Validation of Robots.txt
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Onsite Recommendations & Implementation

Off-Page Optimization

  • Link Building
  • Local Search Website Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Business / Bing & Yahoo Local Listing
  • Google Business Optimization

Website Analysis

  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Traffic Source Analysis
  • Link Analysis

Website Technical Audit

  • Website Checkup & Diagnostics
  • Identify Broken Links, Error Pages, Duplicate Content
  • Identify Indexing Issues, Redirect/Load Issues


  • Monthly SEO Status Reports

Local Search Engine Optimization

Why is it so important? 65% of searches are specific local searches (keyword (e.g., plumber) plus location identifier – city (e.g., London), borough (e.g., Croydon), ward (e.g., Woodside), postal code (e.g., SE25), even tube station name (e.g., Upney)) and Google/Bing users expect to receive local results for their queries. If your business serves a local area then it’s mandatory to optimize your website for local searches, also to put your business on the map and benefit of the presence among map listings which are displayed between the ads and the organic links, thus a top positioning on the search engine results page. Get found for immediate benefits from customers looking for your products and services in your area.

Everything must be in place: external location signals favoring your business and website, on-page location signals, inbound link signals, social signals emphasizing the local nature of your business and review signals. They all act together within a consistent local SEO strategy to send the right message to Google about the locations your business drive trade inquiries from and to improve your website’s ability to rank locally.


TRIPTICH is a contemporary travel agency, opened less than a year ago and we started using the services of Mihai. Mihai successfully helped us positioning our company on Google Maps, making sure that is visible on Google search and optimising our website plugins. He is on top of everything, always available and with excellent customer service skills. Mihai constantly went extra mile adding suggestions and additional details to his work, furthermore he is able to explain even the most technical part in an easy and accessible way. He has been a valuable support to our startup and I would strongly recommend Mihai and his services to anyone.

Matteo Marin


Expert SEO services. Mihai raised my business from zero to hero.

Radu Russo

Shutters Sale

Mihai provided a highly professional service. Despite some issues that added complexity to the project, Mihai found suitable solutions and worked to my fullest satisfaction.

David Smith

Euro Floors London

We have been using Mihai now for over three months and he always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Nothing is ever too much and he is always willing to help wherever and whenever he can. He always explains things clearly and we hope to work with him for a long time.

Tony King

If you’re looking for a London SEO expert, Mihai is the one to work with. Excellent work and outstanding value for money. Very highly recommended.

Adelin Belauschi

LSA Heating

We started as partners and continued as friends. I needed Mihai take care of SEO for my website, he needed me for graphic design. Excellent partnership.

Jordan Clark

At the beginning I wasn’t sure I made the best choice with Mihai. Soon I realized he had to repair the damage the previous SEO guy did to my website. Now I’m very happy with the evolution of the website on Google.



What is the price for your SEO services?
I’d call the pricing as affordable for both small businesses and big businesses. The nice thing about my prices is that you decide how much you want to pay for the SEO services I provide. You have full control over the budget invested in the SEO service. Of course, it depends on a number of factors such as the number of keywords agreed, the competitiveness on the market for your business, addressability, local, nationwide or global. Just ask for a quotation, you’ll be surprised.

How long it will take us to get on top positions on Google?
Considering the quality of my work towards improving your website’s rankings as optimum then the time needed to get to the top of Google depends on your current rankings, the level of competitiveness (local, national, global) and how well your competitors did their job on SEO. I provide you the best SEO services possible but if your competitors started SEOing their websites too long ago and at a high quality level of SEO then it might take a while. Anyway, you’ll see, for some keywords your website will go up faster than for other keywords. It becomes crucial chosing the perfect keyword mix consisting in generic terms, short-tail and long-tail search terms to see a return on investment as soon as possible. Let me analyze your website and your keywords and I’ll be able to estimate the time frame.

My business delivers products nationwide. Can we work together?
Of course. I am in no way limited to local SEO services. In fact the most challenging projects are those businesses serving nationwide or globally. Since most of my clients are local businesses, I tend to promote my services as local SEO services. But my clients successfully rank very well for generic keywords and I have lot of examples.

I have a local business but I think of targeting a larger area. Is this a good idea?
Most of the times it’s the result of the business’ growth when the owner wants to expand its business beyond the current area served. From this point of view it’s a very good idea. On the other hand if you already target locally (e.g., your service Wimbledon) but also want to target the whole city (your service London) it’s still a good idea. Here’s why: some users search for very specific location keywords (e.g., handyman Richmond); in this case it’s quite clear they want to find a service provider located in that area or able to provide the services in that area. At the same time other people search for city-level keywords (e.g., handyman London) with the same thoughts in mind, accepting they might need to dig a bit more to find the right business to work with, at the expense of their time, as long as they make the right choice. Of course you can target such keywords, the difference is that competition might make it longer in terms of time needed to reach your objective to rank high on the 1st page. Sometimes it’s the business that needs SEO to help grow, sometimes it’s the SEO that leads to growing the business beyond the initial business plan.

Why should I choose to work with a local SEO expert instead of an agency/company?
i. You get full attention on your needs instead of a shared responsibility. ii. You get customized solutions instead of programmatic methods. iii. You get full service expertise, instead of limited team member knowledge.

We have a small in-house SEO team. Can you work for us as an external consultant?
The answer is yes, you wouldn’t be the first to choose me as your SEO consultant. It’s not unusual to work with consultants guiding your in-house SEO team. In the end it’s putting all the necessary and available resources at work for your benefit.

I’m looking for the best SEO service. Can you guarantee the results?
If any potential SEO services provider you are discussing with guarantees you the results, I suggest you to leave their office or invite them to leave yours. Think twice before going into such an agreement. A good SEO specialist might be able to estimate the time frame needed to reach your objective to rank on top positions on the search engine’s first page. Call me or write me and I’ll explain you in detail how search engine works and why guaranteeing is so tricky, especially when linked to a time frame. Plus guaranteeing might hid non-profitable strategies such as ranking for only very long-tail keywords with none to only a few searches and no potential to bring you real business; or not-acceptable techniques only for the sake of ranking the website in a short period of time, getting paid and leaving you exposed to penalties from the search engines. Or, in case the agreement is the “paid after results” kind, you might end up without paying anything but at the same time without results. With SEO, every day lost remains lost. Act carefully, it’s a big difference between guaranteed results and using estimated time frame as a performance indicator.

How complex is the algorithm that decides the rankings on the search engine results pages?
Maybe you’ve already heard about the 200 factors. This is not a myth concept. In fact the number is much higher, therefore the complexity. Bing officials already stated black on white “In Bing, we look at more than 1000 signals to try and get you the best result.“. (source). Also Matt Cutts of Google, during Pubcon, the premier social media and optimization conference, stated that Google analyses 200 ranking factors and those ranking factors may have 50 or more variations within a single factor. (source). And that was back in 2010.

My website is not mobile friendly. How will this influence my online business on the long run?
Mobile friendliness is one of the ranking factors nowadays and potential customers using mobile devices to search for the products and services you offer might see other mobile friendly websites above you on the search engine results page, thus increasing the likelihood to click, visit and buy from other websites. On the other hand, a poor user experience with your website might frustrate your visitors and make them leave your website before they convert into customers. In the end, with the increasing number of searches performed using mobile devices, a non mobile friendly website is more likely to see an increase in the bounce rate, another ranking factor.

What is the 3 seconds rule?
It refers to the page load speed, statistically speaking, a significant number of visitors chose to abandon websites that don’t load quickly enough. Therefore the 3 seconds could act as a benchmark in increasing the performance of your website in terms of page load speed. Abandoning websites that don’t load fast enough increases the bounce rate which is a ranking factor. Investment in relevant, high-quality content should be sustained by investment in website technical performance.